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Are you about to use (or are already using) one of our projects and need timely responses to your questions? Then priority support is for you. We'll guarantee same day responses, allowing your team to prioritise their efforts efficiently.

We'll hook you up with a customisable amount of support hours to be used each month. Unused hours are not carried over to the next month. If all the hours are used, you will be notified and have the ability to purchase more hours if you wish. Hours do not include development efforts, however when such efforts are required we will provide you with the necessary recommendations about how to proceed, the estimated costs, and proposed timeframe so you can know where everything stands.


Are you about to use (or are already using) one of our projects and would like pre-trained developers at your disposal for customising functionality, performing implementations, and acting on support development recommendations in a timely fashion? Then our development services are for you.

We'll hook you up with a customisable amount of development hours to be used each month. Unused hours are not carried over to the next month. Before embarking on a task, we'll let you know of the estimated hours the task will take and its proposed timeframe so you can always make the right decision about whether to go ahead on a particular task or not. If all the hours get used up, we'll let you know, halt work, and wait for your recommendation. You can leave it there, or purchase additional hours for that month.


Are you about embarking into unfamiliar territory and would like essential advice on how to go best about approaching certain problems or what technologies would be best catered for the particular situation? Then our advisory meetings are for you.

We'll hook you up with meeting at a requested time by you, where you can let us know the situation, the issues your facing, the concerns and questions you have, and we'll make the needed suggestions to lead you down the right path for a successful outcome. We can do the meetings either via phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts.


Are you wanting to learn a new technology, way of doing things, for yourself or for your team? Then our training services are for you.

For individuals, we provide workshop trainings (these are listed with the navigation on the left), online trainings (under development), and mentorship programs (upon request).

For companies, we can come in and train your people in a pre-defined format or in a custom format specified by you.


“I had the pleasure of working along side Ben during a recent web development project. This was no small time web-development project mind you, we worked together with a team of 20 developers on a multi-million dollar software build for a medical device manufacturer. Ben joined us mid-project and I was amazed at how quickly he got up to speed on both the technical and process side of the project. Within days of joining the project Ben was already getting his hands dirty, helping refactor our framework, coding new features, and making suggestions on how to improve completed components. Ben's knowledge of User interface implementation & Javascipt is second to none and he is always willing to take the time to share his knowledge with his teammates. On a personal note, I always found Ben to be outgoing, friendly & approachable. He tackles new challenges with a positive & professional attitude. I would recommend Ben for any web development role, especially on projects involving emerging technologies.”
Tim Baguley - Project Manager at AcidGreen - November 19, 2011
“Ben has worked with us for 4 months, and I wish we could keep him longer! It's hard to adequately convey the value he's added to our business, product and our team. A rare combination of quality, speed and consistency. Ben has not only performed above expectation, he's consistently gone above and beyond the call to ensure he delivers the best possible product. Couldn't possibly recommend him highly enough!”
Alan Downie - Founder at BugHerd - June 13, 2012
“Ben could be described as a JavaScript evangelist. His in-depth knowledge of best practices provides him with a solid foundation on how best to refactor existing solutions, and ways to implement new ones. He's highly motivated and capable of adopting project standards within days, something I was very impressed by. Ben has been a fantastic asset to our project and team, and I look forward to working with him again.”
Emmanuel Negri - Development Manager at AcidGreen - February 17, 2012
“Ben is a very talented Javascript developer. He's extremely efficient and produces top-notch work. He's also easy going and a very helpful developer to work alongside. I hope we get to work together again in the future, and would highly recommend him to potential clients.”
Nicholas Firth-McCoy - Founder at Paydirt - June 30, 2012
“Ben has that magic and rare combination of a phenomenal depth of knowledge, coupled with an ability to just get stuff done. Hands down the best Javascript developer I've ever worked with, and whenever I have a tricky project that others would pass as impossible, I reach for his phone number first.”
Andrew Jessup - Founder at Noosbox - October 7, 2011
“I worked with Ben for 5 months. He is a fantastic person to work with. He is always willing to help out and go that extra mile. He is one of the Best front end developers I have ever worked with. I don't think there is something that Ben cannot produce with JavaScript. Ben would be a great asset to any organisation. And I could not recommend him more highly.”
Ciaran Hale - Development Programmer at AcidGreen - February 12, 2012
“Ben has been such an asset to our team. He works well with others, produces fantastic work, thinks outside the box and is just a generally all-round good guy to work with.”
Nikki Durkin - Founder at 99dresses - August 15, 2011
“I worked with Ben for two months, and he has shown himself to be a very skilled and hardworking developer. His teamwork was exceptional and he displayed strong problem-solving skills. As the backend developer, he had a habit of anticipating my needs before I'd written the relevant section of code. A pleasure to work with and highly recommended.”
Sharif Olorin - Lead Backend Developer at 99dresses - December 12, 2011
“Passionate people are priceless. Benjamin is that kind of person, interested to new technologies, open-minded and curious. He loves his jobs and loves what he is doing on the Internet. I highly recommend him and I'm looking forward to work again with him !”
Thomas Lété - Core Team at Aloha Editor - May 27, 2011
“Benjamin is a highly skilled and knowledgeable developer with utilizing Web 2.0 solutions and such technologies as jQuery and AJAX. I had the opportunity to work along side him on the Webb & Brown Neaves redesign, it was a large project which required his expertise with these technologies. Ben played a lead role from the start with the creation and development of the AJAX framework and jQuery effects used. I was new to this sort of technology and I have learned a lot from him. He was always precise to details and his jQuery skills were very impressive.”
Bruno Lenette - Web Developer at Platform Interactive - May 4, 2009
“Ben is a keen website developer that pays a lot of attention to writing clean effective code and has a good handle on the latest emerging web technologies.”
Dean Usher - Founder at Dean Usher Web Design - November 16, 2008