We’re a Sydney based Node.js, JavaScript and HTML5 open-company focused on empowering developers.

We're an open-company and community.
United by our shared value of open-collaboration.
Empowering everyone in this world to create the change they wish to see.


We share our innovations abundantly, making them accessible by all.
Remixed and reused, they reach their potential together at an exponential rate.
Birthing experiences of progress and joy wherever they may grow.


Enable us all to work on what we love, share it with the entire world, while living a great life!



Powerful Static Site Generator
500 daily users


Create Stateful Web-Applications
Used in Basecamp

Startup Hostel Network

Co-work and co-live while you travel the world
176 travellers

Static Site Generators

Discover the right Static Site Generator for you
400 static site generators

Chainy (beta)

Chainable data pipeline for JavaScript

Interconnect (alpha)

Connect with anyone in the world

Web Write (alpha)

Admin Interfaces for any backend


This is our office. It's a resort in the tropics. You're welcome anytime.
Join our morning standup to share and collaborate with each other.
Staying longer? Rent options are available.



Benjamin Lupton, Founder

Open-Collaboration Entrepreneur. International Speaker & Trainer. Bevry is the result of Benjamin's best self, a tool for him and others to create and collaborate on a shared vision of a better world. His works are at the foundations of Bevry and are some of the most popular node and javascript projects, even used by the likes of Microsoft and 37Signals. Besides work, he pursues the timeless quest of understanding the world and spends time with his family.

Mike Mooring, Community Custodian

Private Space Entrepreneur. Founder at Mass Distribution Media.
Sees technology as a force of nature for good.



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To accomplish our grand goals and vision of the world, we can't do it alone!
There's plenty to start on and we welcome all contributions regardless of skill or size!
To get started say hello on our Discussion Forum.


Consulting, support, advisory and training contracts available.
Speaking/interview engagements available for free when permissively licensed.