doing everything we can to empower developers


We’re a Sydney based Node.js, JavaScript and HTML5 company focused on empowering developers. We’re the creators of plenty of node and javascript projects used today, including History.js one of the most popular javascript projects in the world, and DocPad an amazing Node.js Content Management System. We’re also in the process of setting up several Startup Hostels all over the world, enabling entreprenuers to travel, collaborate, and live their dream lifestyles cheaper than back home.

We offer free and premium support for all our projects, consulting and training services for companies, and online courses and resources to teach yourself the latest on web development.

Discover what drives us on the about page and find us on twitter, facebook, and github or email - you can usually find our founder Benjamin Lupton on Skype and IRC with the username balupton - all the best, Bevry.