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Premium Support Channels

Premium Support offers same day responses to your questions and prioritized development efforts to meet your needs, allowing you and your team to react more effeciently and organise more effectively.

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Bevry owns, manages & participates

Support requests will be treated as tickets with each one getting its own unique ticket identifier, reference that ticket identifier with each additional message about that support request. As the ticket progresses, you will be able to track its progress via the helpdesk website. We offer general helpdesk for everything and specific helpdesks for more popular projects, here's the links:










Community Support Channels

Community Support is provided by people facing the same issues whom team up to help each other during their spare time. Unlike Paid Premium Support, there are no guarantees.

Stack Overflow

Stackoverflow owns & manages, Bevry participates

StackOverflow is a community of passionaite programmers dedicated to solving problems for each other for any type of programming questions. As you post questions and answers you’ll earn reputation which gives you more abilities on the site. Be aware that this is a community for anything programming, not just Bevry related projects. So you must state the project that you’re using in your question. Some of our projects already have tags that you can use too.

Use the tags #docpad for DocPad, #history.js for History.js, and #bevry for everything else. If you’re new to Stack Overflow, read their FAQ before posting.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Bevry owns, manages & participates

Bevry opperates several IRC chatrooms the freenode chat server that you can find our team hanging out on during business hours. Use #bevry for projects that do not have their own channel.

Channels we operate:

Other Channels

Do not use these channels for questions or support.


GitHub owns, Bevry manages & participates

GitHub is the social programming community and the place to host your open-source projects. Bevry hosts all their projects on github, and uses the built-in Issues functionality for development tasks and the discussions surrounding them. For instance, if you send in an email and that spawns a new development task we may reference you to the github issue behind it so you can track and participate in its progress.


Bevry owns, manages & participates

Bevry operates several twitter accounts you can reach and mention us on. Use @BevryMe for projects that do not have their own account.

Accounts we operate: